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Dow Lab: Research Staff and Students






​Dr. Steven Dow
Office: D112 Research Innovation Center
Phone: (970) 297-4014
Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Colorado State University

Lab PI

Dr. Steve Dow, DVM, PhD
(Former graduate student, now occasionally allowed to do research)  
Steve is investigating the regulation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in canine tumor tissues by PD-L1 and PD-1, using in vitro assays.
The Laboratory for Immunotherapy studies the role of the innate immune system in cancer and infectious diseases and works on development of new immunotherapeutic approaches to treat these diseases. Currently the laboratory is investigating the role of myeloid cells in regulating tumor growth and how manipulating these cells can impact cancer treatment. Other members of the cancer group are studying immune checkpoint molecules and how these molecules can be targeted for cancer immunotherapy. The laboratory also investigates the immunological properties of mesenchymal stem cells and how these cells can be used to suppress inflammation in chronic kidney and liver disease and to suppress chronic bacterial infections.


Research Scientists

Amanda Guth, PhD, DVM
(Research Scientist)  
Amanda studies the effects of myeloid derived suppressor cells on T cell immunity to cancer, using depleting agents and mouse tumor models. She is also investigating the effectiveness of macrophage depletion as a novel treatment for cancer in dogs with soft tissue sarcoma. Her most recent studies are investigating the effectiveness of vaccines against cancer stem cells as a new approach to cancer immunotherapy.

Tracy Lehman, PhD, DVM
(Research Scientist)  
Tracy is investigating the immune modulatory effects of mesenchymal stem cells in asthma and chronic kidney disease and the immune mechanisms that account for the ability of the MSC to suppress T cell and DC responses.

Graduate Students

Lyndah Chow
(Graduate Student)  
Lyndah is investigating methods to create induced pluripotent stem cells from several veterinary species (dog, cat, horse), and methods to induce their differentiation into relevant cell types for stem cell therapy.

Genevieve Go
(Graduate Student)  
Genevieve is investigating the regulation of immune checkpoint molecules on tumor cells and myeloid cells infiltrating tumors, with the goal of developing new immune therapeutic options for treatment of brain cancer and other tumors.

Post-DVM Fellows

Valerie Johnson, DVM
(Post-DVM Fellow)  
Valerie is assessing the effectiveness of immune modulation for treatment of chronic staphylococcal infection, using in vitro assays. She is also investigating the use of mesenchymal stem cells to suppress wound infections.

Dan Regan, DVM
(Post-DVM Fellow)  
Dan is an Anatomic Pathology resident investigating the immune suppressive properties of inflammatory monocytes and their regulation of vaccine immunity and promotion of tumor metastases. He is also studying new immune interventions to target these cells by blocking the CCR2 receptor.

Allison Bradley, DVM
(Post-DVM Fellow)  
Allison is a Post-doctoral Fellow investigating the role of mesenchymal stem cells in suppressing inflammation in canine chronic liver disease.

Erica Faulhaber, DVM
(Post-DVM Fellow)  
Erica is an Oncology resident investigating the regulation of immune checkpoint molecules in canine cancer patients, and targeting of these molecules with immunotherapy.

Research Associates

Jonathan Coy
(Research Associate)  
Jonathan is working to define the expression and regulation of the immune regulatory molecules PD-1 and PD-L1 on T cells and antigen presenting cells respectively in dog immune cells populations in blood and tumor tissues.
Jade Kurihara
(Research Associate)  
Jade is working to identify new drugs that block the migration of monocytes for application to prevention and therapy of cancer metastasis. She also oversees operations in the Tumor Immunology and Regenerative Medicine laboratories in the Animal Cancer Center.

PVM Student Researchers

Molly Schlichenmeyer
(PVM Student Researcher)  
Molly is working on several different projects, including one project investigating techniques required to generate iPSC from canine and feline blood cells. In addition, she is investigating the regulation of PD-L1 release into blood of dogs with a variety of different diseases, including cancer. She is also studying the expression of PD-L1 by canine tumors.
Jessica Felgenhauer
(PVM Student Researcher)  
Jessica is investigating immune mechanisms that may lead to the development of blood clots in dogs with the immune disorder IMHA.
Michelina Petri
(PVM Student Researcher)  
Michelina is working to identify antimicrobial factors released by activated mesenchymal stem cells.

Undergraduate Researchers

Andrea Escaffi
(Undergraduate Researcher)  
Andrea is investigation the unique immunological properties of a tumor of dogs known as hemangiosarcoma, and how this tumor may regulate myeloid cell recruitment.
Briana Baca
(Undergraduate Researcher)  
Briana is investigating the ability of activated mesenchymal stem cells to potentially reverse high level antibiotic resistance in clinical isolates of bacteria from chronic infections of dogs and cats.
Analis Norman
(Undergraduate Researcher)  
Analis is working with Dr. Johnson on a project to investigate the antimicrobial properties of mesenchymal stem cells, using mouse models of Staphylooccus infection.
Julie Meija
(Undergraduate Researcher)  
Julie is working with the tumor immunology group on in vitro assays of monocyte migration and myeloid cell differentiation and the impact on cancer immunity.

2014 Research Students

Roxanne Benally
(Research Student)  
Roxanne is PVM student and a Merial supported summer VSSP student who is working on a project investigating the impact of immune activation on migration of mesenchymal stem cells.
Alison Osborn
(Research Student)  
Alison is a Fort Collins High School Bioscience Academy student (her advisor at FCHS is Susan Hunter) who is working with Lyndah Chow and Molly Schlichenmayer on methods of inducing differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells from dogs into cardiomyocytes and neurons.
Elizabeth Chew
(Research Student)  
Elizabeth is also a Fort Collins High School Bioscience Academy student (her FCHS advisor is also Susan Hunter) who is working with Lyndah Chow and Molly Schlichenmayer on methods of inducing differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells from dogs into cardiomyocytes and endothelial cells.
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