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 Dr. Chatterjee and her research team. Nineteen laboratories within the department work collaboratively as part of the the Mycobacterial Researcher Laboratories.

Mycobacterial Diseases

The Mycobacteria Research Laboratories (MRL) participate in a wide variety of independent and collaborative research programs on various aspects of mycobacterial diseases, including tuberculosis (mycobacteria of the tuberculosis complex), leprosy (Mycobacterium leprae), the Buruli ulcer (Mycobacterium ulcerans), Johne's disease (Mycobacterium paratuberculosis), and other infections caused by Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (Mycobacterium avium, M. abscessus, M. chelonae, etc…).

Our research interests include:

  • Characterization of mycobacterial products and biosynthetic pathways to define novel therapeutic strategies and diagnostics
  • Molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions
  • Optimization of animal models for drug and vaccine testing
  • Immune response to infection
  • Development of novel vaccines.

Areas of expertise encompass immunology, molecular biology, mycobacterial genetics, cellular biology, histopathology, medicinal chemistry, structural biochemistry, enzymology, transcriptomics, lipidomics, glycomics and proteomics among others.

The research team is comprised of more than 100 research personnel, including nineteen Faculty members, plus Research Scientists, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Students, and Research Associates (for further details see the MRL website).

Faculty of the MRL include:
John Belisle
Dean Crick
Mary Jackson
Delphi Chatterjee
Diane Ordway
Ian Orme
Patrick Brennan
Mercedes Gonzalez-Juarrero
Randall Basaraba
Richard Slayden
Karen Dobos
Angelo Izzo


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