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Dobos Lab: Research Material Available

Cells & Subcellular Fractions

Subcellular fractions are available for the standard laboratory strain H37Rv as well as clinical isolates CDC1551 and HN878.

Native Proteins

Native proteins are available in default quantities and are not always stocked. Native proteins are purified from M. tuberculosis strain H37Rv. The QC for these products consists of SDS-PAGE and western blot analysis.

Recombinant Plasmids

Recombinant expression vectors containing Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes and protocols for generation of recombinant proteins.

Lipids and Carbohydrates

All lipids are carbohydrates are purified from M. tuberculosis strain H37Rv, unless otherwise stated.

Genomic DNA

Genomic DNA is available in the following strains: H37Rv and Clinical isolate CSU93 (KY/TN 95-031551, CDC 1551)


Click the link above to view a table of all antibodies that are available.

Research materials produced from mycobacterium spp. are distributed by the biodefence and emerging infectious research resources repository (BEI Resources).

*Please Visit the BEI Resources Website for complete ordering instructions.

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