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Dobos Laboratory team on the Colorado State University ropes course

 Dobos Lab retreat at the Estes Park ropes course.

Dobos Lab: People

Primary Investigator

Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology

Director, Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office (RICRO)​


Research Staff

Danny Hesser
Research Assistant II 

Danny purifies lipids and cell wall materials of Mycobacterial species for the lab contract with BEI. He is also working on an antigen-discovery project in collaboration with the Chatterjee lab, and with the laboratory of Dan Hoft at St. Louis University. Danny helps look at antigens capable of expanding a subset of gamma-delta T cells which can inhibit the growth of TB.

Phillip Knabenbauer
Research Coordinator, Lab Manager  

Phillip is currently the BSL-3 manager at the Foothills campus for the Dobos lab as well as a graduate student studying the structural adaptation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in hypoxia.

Caroli​na Mehaffy ​
Research Scientist II 

Carolina is a CSU graduate (PhD) working as a Research Scientist II in the development of novel diagnostics test for TB using mass spectrometry as the discovery platform. Carolina provides support for several collaborative research projects involving the use of proteomics approaches to understand the physiology and diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Carolina helps mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students.

Megan Lucas
Lab Liaison  

Megan acts as liaison to BEI Resources and coordinates production and deposit of research materials to BEI for distribution to the research community. In the laboratory, her focus is purification of native proteins from M. tuberculosis.

Anne Simpson
Research Associate II 

Anne is working on the production of Mycobacterium starting material for downstream products and the BEI Resources contract in a large scale growth format. She is also the curator of a transposon mutant library and collaborated with OHSU by providing whole cell lysate of this library. She has run hypoxic vs normoxic growth studies and is currently measuring protein glycosylation between mid, late, and stationary normoxic cultures. 

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