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Tuberculosis test tubes

 MIP Researchers in the Mycobacteria Research Laboratories have launched a novel investigation into tuberculosis transmission and infection.

The Department is home to some of the finest biomedical researchers in the nation, working in highly specialized laboratories. Their research focuses on understanding the pathology, improving the diagnostics, and developing more effective treatments, vaccines and cures for internationally important infectious diseases. 

Students have the opportunity to work alongside world-renowned researchers in our departmental laboratories.  The department is known for providing unique and valuable undergraduate research

Research Programs

​MIP Research in the News

Slayden in his lab

CSU researcher Dr. Ric Slayden is working with researchers at a pharmaceutical company, Cal-Berkeley to find treatments for deadly bacteria.


​Professor Mary Jackson and her lab have discovered an enzyme that is critical to the survival and replication of the bacterial pathogen that causes tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis researchers at Colorado State University have landed a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a diagnostic breath test with potential to revolutionize TB testing and to better control the globally devastating infectious disease.​


MIP researchers are developing and evaluating a more sensitive test for chronic wasting disease – including the potential to test for infection in live animals, animal products and the environment.​

Recent Grant Awards

"Aeras Mouse Challenge Studies" Angelo Izzo Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation
"Novel Protein Synthesis Inhibitors for the Treatment of MDR Tuberculosis" Anne Lenaerts St. Jude Medical, Inc.
"The role of autophagy in Aedes aegypti vector competence for dengue virus type 2" Doug Brackney NIH
"Targeting Bacterial Signaling Systems to Prevent and Treat Biofilm-Assoicated Infections" Brad Borlee Boettcher Foundation
"Early CWD Prion Trafficking Deer " Edward Hoover University of Texas Health Science Center
"Mycobacterium spp. Research Reagent Replenishment " Karen Dobos American Type Culture Collection
"Disease Vector Mapping via Environmental/Climatological/Sociological Factors" Lars Eisen STAR Institute
"A Novel Feline Gammaherpesvirus: Potential Cancer-Causing Pathogen in Cats" Ryan Troyer Morris Animal Foundation
"Application of Genomic Technologies for Feline Pathogen Detection and Discovery" Sue VandeWoude Morris Animal Foundation
"Molecular Biology Services for Wildlife Disease Diagnostics" Sandra Quackenbush Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife
"Stutzman-Rodriguez- AHA Veterinary Summer Fellow " Sue VandeWoude American Humane Association
"Disrupting Biofilm Formation to Improve TB Drug Treatment" Randall Basaraba NIH-NIAID
"Characterization of a Novel Drug Target for the Development of BVDV Therapeutics" Jeffrey Wilusz Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.
"Testing of Mosquito Pools for West Nile Virus" Chester Moore City of Fort Collins
 "EAGER: Coupling of Transcription and mRNA Decay in Mammalian Cells" Jeffrey Wilusz NSF - Biological Sciences
"Novel Vector Surveillance Trap for Flying Insects " Lars Eisen TDA Research, Inc.
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