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Drs Edward Hoover and Candace Matiason study prion diseases in deer

 Drs Edward Hoover and Candace Mathiason study the transmission, shedding and detection of the Chronic Wasting Disease prion at the department's one-of-a-kind deer facility.

Prion Biology

The Microbiology. Immunology and Pathology department leverages its unique facilities, renowned expertise and location at ground zero of the Chronic Wasting Disease outbreak to pioneer prion research. Home to the Prion Research Center whose researchers collaborate with other researchers from CSU, the US and Europe to explore many aspects of the unusual and enigmatic prion diseases. Working with researchers at the University of Georgia to procure hand-raised, human-habituated, prion-free mule deer housed in highly specialized indoor experimental environments, Dr. Hoover's laboratory continues to reveal groundbreaking aspects of chronic wasting disease transmission, including identifying biological and environmental prion transmission routes and vehicles. Dr. Spraker collaborates with researchers worldwide as well as local producers to develop the most sensitive, reproducible antemortem prion diagnostic test currently available - PrPSc immunohistochemistry of recto-anal mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue. Dr. Zabel's laboratory develops novel mouse models of prion disease to study early events in prion dissemination, pathogenesis and transmission, then uses this basic knowledge to develop new detection, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for prion diseases.

Learn more about our Prion Biology faculty and their research here. ‚Äč

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