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Hoover and Mathiason Laboratory Members
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The Hoover laboratory has focused on the pathogenesis and prevention of retrovirus and prion infections of animals for over three decades in a multiple native and model animal systems. Some of the most singular work has described the early pathogenesis and tissue tropism of the feline leukemia virus (FeLV), the feline immunodeficiency (FIV) virus, and development of the first successful FeLV vaccine now used worldwide. Beginning in the late 90’s the laboratory focus turned toward the mechanisms of transmission, trafficking, pathogenesis, and vaccination for the prion disease chronic wasting disease (CWD) of cervid, non-cervid species, transgenic murine models, and in vitro amplification systems. This research has included the first demonstration of infectious prions in saliva, blood, and urine of deer, providing an explanation for the uniquely facile transmission of CWD. Likely the most important scientific accomplishment of the laboratory, however, has been the mentoring of 27 PhD’s (including 24 DVMs); 19 of whom are NIH K or F career development award recipients; 13 are current university faculty; 17 are board certified Diplomats in pathology, microbiology, or internal medicine. Dr. Hoover also directs an NIH T32 training grant focused on biomedical research training for veterinarians to enable them to become independent principal investigators. The laboratory been supported by continuous NIH funding for over 30 years and has produced >250 peer-reviewed publications.

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