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Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology

  • Camels, MERS, Spred
    A team of researchers from CSU and the National Institutes of Health confirms for the first time that camels vent volumes of the emergent MERS virus, making them the likeliest suspect in transmitting the virus to people. MERS virus is a concern for causing acute respiratory illness and high rates of death​.​
  • COlleen Duncan, polar bear study
    ​Dr. Colleen Duncan, a veterinary pathologist at Colorado State University, is examining the interplay of climate change and population dynamics among polar bears to determine whether the great Arctic carnivores face new infectious diseases along with dwindling ice.​
  • caitlin lozano
    Colorado State microbiology student Caitlin Lozano is the No. 2 ROTC cadet in the nation based on impressive academic and leadership skills, honed in the Ram Battalion. She has mastered the grueling Ranger Challenge – and groundbreaking virus research. Now Lozano is off to medical school!​​​
  • Edward Hoover, national academy of sciences,research
    The University Distinguished Professor, known for work in feline leukemia and prion diseases, joins the nation’s elite scientific advisers.​​

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