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Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology

  • erica suchman, MIP, award, professor
    Dr. Erica Suchman, known as one of the best in her field, is lauded by national society for urging students to 'think like biologists.'
  • diane ordway, tuberculosis, gates foundation
    Researchers at Colorado State University receive Gates Foundation funding to develop a new diagnostic breath test that could change how TB is detected.
  • sue vandewoude, puma, mountain lion
    ​A CSU team, led by our Associate Dean for Research Susan VandeWoude, is investigating mountain lion population and disease dynamics that result from human impacts. The project attracted a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation.​​
  • chet moore, west nile, summer 2014, mosquito
    With Colorado’s heat and moisture this season, signs point to the possibility of high West Nile virus infection rates. Dr. Chet Moore, who has studied mosquito-borne disease for some 50 years, offers his take on the zoonotic concern.​
  • Edward Hoover, national academy of sciences,research
    The University Distinguished Professor, known for work in feline leukemia and prion diseases, joins the nation’s elite scientific advisers.​
  • TB, Diabetes, research
    Research at Colorado State University has revealed new links between tuberculosis and diabetes, providing evidence that TB becomes more deadly when it occurs with diabetes and showing for the first time that tuberculosis can actually trigger pre-diabetes.

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