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Microbiology Graduate Student Organization

The Microbiology Graduate Student Organization (MIP-GSO) is a student organization within the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology (MIP); comprised of students from the MS-PhD, Combined DVM/PhD, and Combined Veterinary Residency/PhD program who provide a number of valuable resources for students within the Department.  Participation is an excellent opportunity for students to get involved and make a difference within MIP. 


MIP-GSO organizes a number of events and programs throughout the year, including:

 Professional Development Workshops:

§  Career Opportunities, especially focusing on non-academia options

§  Teaching/Pedagogy

§  Financial Planning

§  Professional Networking

 Student Invited Speaker:

§  Organizing two guest speakers, chosen by the student population, each year to visit campus to give talks and meet with interested students

 Student Mentorship Program:

§  Pairing incoming students with more senior students to foster valuable relationships

 Social and Networking Events:

§  FACs (Friday Afternoon Club)

§  Hikes in the natural areas surrounding Fort Collins

§  Outings to sporting events, such as Colorado Rockies (MLB) and Colorado Eagles (ECHL)

§  Intramural sports

§  Department-wide March Madness pool

 And much more…​

GSO Rockies Game 2014

GSO Hike 2016



GSO Hockey Game 2016



GSO Recruitment 2017

GSO Recruitment Hike 2017

GSO Rockies Game 2017

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