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Tuberculosis researcher in microbiology

Did you know that there are over 600 bioscience companies in Colorado with an average annual wage of $74,161? The bioscience industry in Colorado employs over 20,000 people, and Colorado universities spin out an average of 20 new biotech companies per year. Are you ready to be an active part of one of our state's most rapidly growing and exciting industries?

The Microbiology-Immunology professional master's program is serious about wanting to help you with career advice, professional networking and job information. Here are a few resources that you may find helpful.​​

Career Resources

Make an appointment to discuss career options and directions!

The MIP department has numerous faculty with experience and strong connections to professional schools (medical, dental, graduate programs) as well as translational research in industry both local and nationwide). In addition – would you like a resume or other application material reviewed and critiqued? We’re always happy to help! To schedule a counseling appointment, please contact the Microbiology-Immunology professional master's program director Jeffrey Willusz at​.

CSU Career Counseling

The CSU Career Center has a variety of resources and hosts workshops and career fairs that you may find very helpful for landing your dream position.

Helpful links to Colorado Biotechnology Organizations

  • MicroRx – part of the CSU Supercluster designed to promote translational research and industrial partnerships in infectious disease.

  • Colorado Bioscience Association - The mission of this organization is to support our regional bioscience community. It represents 350 member companies. Jobs and resumes may be posted on the site for no charge.

  • Profiles of Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies in Colorado – check out corporate names, locations, corporate links and a brief summary of their business focus.

  • has some helpful information regarding jobs and breaking news related to Colorado Biotech.

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