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To accommodate the diverse teaching, research and service activities within the department, MIP faculty, students and staff are located at all three of CSU's Fort Collins campuses across seven different facilities. 

Main Campus


CSU's main campus is located in central Fort Collins, bordered by College Avenue (Hwy 287) to the East, Shields Avenue to the West, Laurel Street to the North and Prospect Road to the South. Both MIP facilities are located on the southeast corner of main campus.

Foothills Campus


CSU's foothills campus is located on the west side of Fort Collins, west of Overland Trail off of Rampart Road. The facilities used by MIP employees and students are located at the end of Rampart Road.

South Campus


CSU's south campus is located in central Fort Collins, just west of College Avenue (Hwy 287) on West Drake Road. The Diagnostic Medicine Center is located directly North of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

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