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Typhoon Trio Imager
The Typhoon Trio is available to CSU researchers for imaging of fluorescent and radioactive experiments. It is housed in Microbiology Room B319. This room is open during normal working hours.
Carol Wilusz:

tel: (970) 491-4919
office: Micro B407
lab: Micro B429
Typhoon Imager


Phosphor storage screens are available for communal use. Please treat them with care – they cost over $1000 each. Following exposure to the screen, the images are visualized by scanning in storage phosphor mode at 200mM resolution. Screens are available for general (32P, 35S) and tritium isotopes.

Fluorescent Imaging

The Typhoon has three lasers enabling excitation and visualization of a wide range of wavelengths (link to Table for scanning info).  Applications include fluorescent stained protein gels (SYPRO Ruby, Deep Purple), fluorescent western blots (ECL Plus, ECL Plex), fluorescent nucleic acid stains (SYBR-green), 2D-DIGE (Cy2, Cy3, Cy5) etc.  Gels and blots are positioned directly on a glass platen for scanning.
The Typhoon is not recommended for straight chemiluminescence, but fluorescent alternatives such as ECL Plus, and Cy-dye labeled secondary antibodies do allow western blotting experiments to be analyzed. Please ask as we may have samples available for you to test.

Downstream Applications

Images can be saved as TIFF files for manipulation in standard graphic software. Analysis is performed using ImageQuantTL software which is loaded on the Typhoon computer.
A robotic spot-picker and digester (funded by MIP and the Infectious Disease Supercluster) were recently installed in Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility. This will allow excision of spots from 1D and 2D protein gels for subsequent identification by Mass Spec. Please contact Jessica Prenni () or Carol Wilusz if you are interested in this type of service.

User Fees

Although the Typhoon has been funded entirely by a Shared Instrumentation Grant from the NIH, user fees are necessary to cover the costs of the service contract and consumables. Actual fees will be adjusted depending on the number of major users and overall use of the machine.
0-49 minutes $3.25/minute
50-699 minutes $162.50/month
700-1499 minutes $300/month
>1500 minutes $440/month

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Standard Set of emission filters for the
Typhoon Trio Imager

​Color ​WaveLength ​Light Source
​Red Light ​632.8 nm ​Helium - Neon Laser
​Green Light ​532 nm ​Solid State doubled frequency SYAG laser
​Blue Light ​488 nm ​Argon Ion Laser
​Blue Light ​457 nm ​Argon Ion Laser



​Emission Filters ​Description
​520 nm band pass ​Cy2, ECL Plus, Fluorescein
​555 nm band pass ​R6G, HEX
​580 nm band pass ​Cy3, Tamra
​610 nm band pass ​Sypro™ Ruby, ethidium bromide
​670 nm band pass ​Cy5
526 nm​ short pass ​Fluorescein
​560 nm long pass ​TRITC