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When are results available?

​When are tests run?

The following times are guidelines, not guarantees. We make every effort to follow the schedule below, but a variety of events can impact the timing of results; the most common of these are that samples need to be repeated, either because an assay fails for a group of samples, or because the controls for an individual sample were not appropriate.

Although these reporting times should not be considered guarantees, we encourage you to contact us if you have not heard from us by the times indicated below. If we have sent a report to an incorrect number or email, or if it has gone astray at the receiving end, we can figure this out and correct it.


Samples received in the Diagnostic Laboratory between Thursday and Saturday are set up Monday and Tuesday, and reported by end of day on Thursday. Samples received Monday through Wednesday will be set up Thursday and Friday and reported by end of day the following Monday.

Flow Cytometry

Samples received are set up the day they are received or the next day. It will take approximately 3 business days from when the sample is run to generate a report.

C-KIT Mutation Analysis

Beginning July 9, 2018, the C-KIT mutation analysis will only be performed 1 time per week. The test will be started on Monday mornings and results will be sent out by end of day on Wednesday of that same week.


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This is a mailing address for correspondence, not the address for shipping samples. See submission form for sample shipping address.

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