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Clinical Immunology Laboratory

​The mission of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory is to aid veterinarians in the accurate diagnosis of hematologic malignancies, and to further our understanding of these diseases in canine and feline patients. We have provided diagnostic testing services since 2002, and in 2014 tested samples more than 7500 dogs and cats from more than 1800 clinics. These cases, and the follow up information generously provided by submitting clinics, has helped us better define breed trends in lymphoma and leukemia, factors involved in prognosis, and to identify parallels between human and canine lymphoma.

The links on this site offer additional information about what tests to use in what situations, submission forms, instructions on collecting and sending samples, and research that has arisen from this service. Please feel free to contact us​ with questions and suggestions.

Clinical Immunology Laboratory Home
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Contact Us:
​Clinical Immunology Laboratory
1619 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins CO 80523-1619​
This is a mailing address for correspondence, not the address for shipping samples. See submission form for sample shipping address.

​(970) 491-1170

​(970) 491-4242