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Lymphoma FAQ's

Can I just test blood to get a diagnosis of lymphoma?

Testing blood is only recommended if the patient has a lymphocytosis and/or there are atypical cells present. Please see the sample submission guide on what samples are best to submit.


Can you differentiate thymoma vs. lymphoma?

Yes. Flow cytometry is the test of choice to differentiate thymoma from lymphoma (see the paper "Diagnosis of Mediastinal Masses in Dogs by Flow Cytometry"). Thymomas test negative with the PARR assay.


Does a negative PARR result rule out lymphoma?

No. We estimate we detect 85% of confirmed canine lymphomas with the PARR assay. We estimate we detect 65% of confirmed feline lymphoma cases with the PARR assay. Therefore, a negative result does not rule out the diagnosis of lymphoma in either species.


How do I pack/ship samples to the lab?

  1. Send samples for flow cytometry overnight, on ice. DO NOT FREEZE! We do not recommend sending samples for flow cytometry for weekend delivery. We are open Monday through Friday, and the cell viability can decrease while the sample sits over the weekend.

  2. Samples for PARR testing do not need to be sent on ice, and can be sent standard mail or overnight, depending on how quickly you would like results.

  3. Specific instructions and shipping addresses can be found on the Shipping Instructions page.

What species can you test?

Canine and feline patients only.


Can you differentiate between lymphoma and leukemia?

No, PARR and flow cytometry cannot differentiate between leukemia and lymphoma.


Can you differentiate between lymphoid from myeloid leukemia?

In some cases we can do this by flow cytometry. However in some cases, the cells do not express any lineage antigens other than CD34, in which case we cannot establish lineage. Cytology, immunocytochemical stains and immunohistochemical stains may be useful in these cases.


Can I forward you slides from another lab?

Yes, please be sure to have them send a sample submission form with the slides!

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