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Flow Cytometry Submission Instructions

Send all samples overnight with a cold pack for delivery Monday through Friday. Blood and bone marrow can usually be received Saturday (10 am delivery) and will be viable on Monday, but aspirates will not. You will not be charged for the viability test is the sample is dead, but shipping charges will still apply. Do not freeze samples!

Clinical Immunology Laboratory Shipping Instructions ​

When are results available?


Blood and Bone Marrow

EDTA tube containing at least 500 ul of samples.

Blood samples need to have current (within 2 days) CBC. You can either include a copy of your CBC results, or we can carry out the CBC through CSU. To submit CBC to CSU, please include a second EDTA and fresh blood smear (if a second EDTA tube is impossible to obtain we can split a single tube – it is more important to have a properly filled tube for an accurate CBC).


Lymph node, mediastinal and other organ aspirates


Place 1ml of saline (.9%, LRS, Norm R) into a no additive white top or red top tube (Plain tube with no additives or serum separator).

Drawing up 1 mls of saline.


Add 0.1 ml of serum from the patient, or another animal of the same species, to the saline in the white top or red top tube.

 Drawing a 0.1 ml serum from a spun blood sample.

Aspirate using suction.

Aspirating a node.


Squirt contents into the tube containing the saline and serum mixture. Rinse syringe by drawing up saline and serum mixture and squirting it back into the tube. Repeat aspiration and rinsing multiple times until solution is no longer transparent. A turbid solution usually indicates adequate cellularity for flow cytometry testing.​

 Rinsing the syringe with saline.

Cavity Fluid

If possible send one tube each EDTA and red top tube containing 400ul or more of fluid. Send EDTA if only enough for one tube. Add a few drops of serum if the total protein is less than 4 mg/dl.


Call us at 970-491-1170 or email at ​​​

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This is a mailing address for correspondence, not the address for shipping samples. See submission form for sample shipping address.

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