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Janna Yoshimoto works in the clinical immunology laboratory
C-KIT Mutation and Mast Cell Panel Submission Instructions

Please be aware that the C-Kit mutation analysis and Mast Cell Panel are performed on samples from canines ONLY.


Mutation analysis only – cytology sample

The best sample is an aspirate or impression smear of a biopsy of the mass on a slide, stained or unstained.

Sample must have 10% mast cells in order to detect the mutation, so lymph node aspirates draining the mass are generally not useful.

You can submit a stained slide if you would like to estimate the number of mast cells before submitting. *Remember*, Diff-Quick stains don't always pick up mast cell granules.

Mutation analysis only – paraffin embedded sample (from a biopsy)

Request that the laboratory to which you submitted your biopsy cut 5-8 curls or shavings from the paraffin embedded section and send these to our laboratory. No special shipping or handling requirements apply. Please fill out our submission form and fax (970) 491-4242 this to us so we have sample information when the curls arrive.

Full mast cell panel

Mast cell panel information & submission guidelines​

If mass removal has not yet been performed: Prior to, or immediately after removing the mass, please make several aspirates on slides. These will be used for the c-kit mutation analysis. Once the aspirates have been obtained, proceed with routine biopsy submission. Aspirates must be obtained from fresh tissue prior to formalin exposure as even formalin fumes can damage DNA for PCR analysis. Pack the formalin vial with two sealable (Ziplock type) bags and have the slide in a different sealed bag.

If mass removal and biopsy submission have already been performed: Request that the laboratory who has the initial biopsy send the blocks to the CSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (shipping address). If it is not possible to send blocks, please request the original lab send at least six (6) unstained sections on positively charged slides, as well as 5-8 curls as described above. If more than one block exists on the case, please be sure the sections are obtained from the block which contains the bulk of the mast cell tumor. 

Questions about the mutation analysis alone?

Call us at (970) 491-1170 or email at

Questions about the full mast cell panel?

Call the diagnostics lab at (970) 297-1281.

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