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AIDL Map and Directions

The Foothills Campus​ is located approximately 2.5 miles from CSU's main campus, on the west edge of town and backs up to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The Foothills Campus houses the AIDL, our state of the art BSL3 & ACL3 research facilities, and the Centers for Disease Control - Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Disease.


The AIDL Contains:

  • Six insectaries devoted to virus/vector research at the BSL2+ level.

  • Three insectaries in AIDL for general vector rearing, including a dedicated Anopheles spp. insectary.

  • A transgenic mosquito insectary with eight self-contained walk-in rearing cages.

  • 1 vivarium containing 6 self-contained but interconnected walk-in cages for testing population level control tools and measuring population gene flow among vectors.

  • Two manipulation rooms for tissue culture, vector and infected vertebrate work, and a vertebrate animal room. 

  • 3,000 ft2 of BSL2 laboratory space for molecular biology and arbovirology work.

  • Rearing eight mosquito species, more than 30 strains; two sandfly species; and more than 30,000 insects per week.

  • Maintain 14 arbovirus species, numerous strains of each.​

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Fort Collins, CO, 80523-1692

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