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Brian Foy: Research Staff, Students, and Collaborators


 Foy Laboratory Information


Research Staff

Dr. Haoues Alout, Research Scientist: Ivermectin’s effects on malaria parasite populations and transmission by mosquitoes, and insecticide resistance studies.

Research Students

Jacob Meyers, Graduate Student: Understanding glutamate-gate chloride channels in mosquitoes, and as insecticide and immune targets.

Benjamin Krajacich, Graduate Student: Measuring vector populations/population structure and their ability to vector pathogens before and after anti-vector interventions.

Chilinh Nguyen, Graduate Student: Xenosurveillance, ivermectin’s effects on WNV development in mosquitoes.

Meg Gray, Research Associate and lab manager: Understanding defective arbovirus particle production in mosquitoes.

Jonathan Seaman, Research Associate: Age effects of ivermectin on A. gambiae and NGS of A. gambiae transcriptome after ivermectin blood feeding.

Wojtek Kuklinski, Undergraduate Researcher: Developing endectocides to control WNV transmission.

Jasmine Donk​oh, Undergraduate Researcher: selecting A. gambiae for ivermectin resistance.


Dr. Foy collaborates with most scientists within the AIDL, especially Drs. Black, Ebel and Olson. He also currently collaborates and has collaborated with colleagues in the department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology, including Drs. Karen Dobos and Jeff Wilusz, and Dr. Kathryn Partin. Dr. Foy is currently collaborating with Dr. Jason R​a​sgon​ at Penn State to model our ivermectin work. Internationally, Dr. Foy collaborates with Dr. Kevin Kobylinski at AFRIMS in Thailand, with Dr. Fatorma Bolay at LIBR in Liberia, and with Dr. Roch Dabire at the IRSS in Burkina Faso.

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