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Greg Ebel: Research Staff and Students


 Ebel Laboratory Information


​Current Trainees and Staff

Joseph Fauver: Joseph is a graduate student working in my lab since May 2014. He is interested in infectious disease surveillance. Specifically, he works on WNV surveillance for the City of Fort Collins and is the lead student on the Xenosurveillance project.

Claudia Rückert, Ph.D.: Claudia is a postdoc who joined the lab in January 2015 to work on mosquito antiviral responses.  She is currently interested in how different antiviral small RNA pathways may affect vector competence.

Alex Gendernalik: Alex joined the lab as a research assistant in 2014.  He takes care of our mosquito colonies, our cell cultures and generally keeps the lab running.

Lab Alumni

Doug Brackney, Ph.D., Research Scientist: Dr Brackney was a senior scientist in the lab from 2007-2014. He studied a range of topics in my lab including mosquito RNAi, autophagy and he initiated the xenosurveillance project described above. He now has a faculty position at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

Abhishek Prasad, Ph.D., Research Scientist: Abhi was a PhD student in my lab working on antiviral RNAi in mosquitoes. He is currently working as a postdoc at UTMB studying filovirus pathogenesis.

Benjamin Dodd: Ben was a Research Associate in the lab for about two years. He made sure that everything was running smoothly. In addition, he has made several key scientific contributions to our work and will be on several papers in the near future.

Kendra Pesko, Ph.D.: Kendra was a Ph.D. student in my lab at UNM. She currently works at the New Mexico state health department.

Eleanor Deardorff, Ph.D.: Eleanor was a postdoc with me at UNM. Dr. Deardorff is now a science writer for Los Alamos National Labs.

Ivy Brown: Ivy was an undergraduate fellow in my lab for three years. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Belgium.

Kelly Fitzpatrick: Kelly was an awesome technician (and state champion cyclist) who worked out the fitness assays that we still use today. She is currently pursuing an M.P.H. at UNM.

Darci Smith, Ph.D.: We were incredibly lucky to have Darci in the lab for just over a year. Dr. Smith now works at Southern Research Institute.​​​​

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