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William Black: Research


 Black Laboratory Information


​Training in Dengue Prevention and Control

This Fogarty Training Grant provides for up to four years of travel and lodging to train two graduate students and two two-year post-docs in one of three areas: Mosquito monitoring and control, insecticide resistance management, and development of effector molecules.

Sustainable Control of Aedes Aegypti and Epidemic Dengue

In this NIH/NIAID ICIDR project, we test the protective efficacy of the Casa Segura using insecticide treated curtains for control of Ae. aegypti and dengue infections in Merida, Mexico. 

​We are also documenting the operational effect, if any, of permethrin resistance on Ae. aegypti on endophily, and dengue incidence in our study sites. We are also testing whether Casa Segura promotes or mitigates evolution of permethrin resistance in Ae. aegypti.

The Role of RNAi in Aedes Aegypti on Dengue Evolution

The major goal of this NIH R21 project is to assess how DENVs and components of the Aedes RNAi machinery interact to drive DENV evolutionary change.

Yellow Fever/Dengue Virus Competence in Aedes aegypt aegypti/formosus in Senegal

This NIH R01 grant has elucidated genetic differences between the two subspecies of Aedes aegypti. Results may shed light on genetic factors influencing vector competence for flaviviruses.
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