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Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology

  • research day 2015
    More than 140 students competed with oral and poster presentations during the college’s 16th annual Research Day. Our young investigators tackled research questions in cancer, reproductive health, tuberculosis, heart disease, and much more!​
  • leprosy
    Leprosy is an ancient disease effectively battled with medicine, but new cases continue to arise in developing countries. CSU scientists might have found a reason: Amoebae common in water, soil and plants can harbor the bacteria that cause leprosy – and the pathogens stay active through this infectious buddy system.​
  • Sue VandeWoude
    Two of our college leaders have received prestigious honors from the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges: Dr. Sue VandeWoude is lauded for research, while Dr. Lance Perryman is honored for contributions to education.​
  • candace mathiason, prion research, neuro diseases
    Candace Mathiason’s research helps explain how chronic wasting disease has spread through deer across the United States. Now she and colleagues are examining similarities between prion diseases and neurological diseases in people. She earned a CVMBS-Zoetis Early Career Research Award for her work.​

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 Leprosy Research in Brazil


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