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RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer

Associate Professor

Office: B105 Microbiology
Office Phone: (970) 491-3428

Teaching Responsibilities and Participation

(MIP 450) Microbial Genetics lecture

(MIP 550) Microbial and Molecular Genetics laboratory

(LIFE 206) Microbial Biology Laboratory

(MIP 400A) Topics in Microbiology – Emerging Infectious Disease

(MIP 400B) Topics in Microbiology – Biotechnology

(MIP 298 and MIP 498)  Research in Microbiology 

Research Interests

Interested in biowarfare bacterial agents, like Burkholderia species.  Also, the opportunistic pathogen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Overall, I am interested in genetic engineering strategies of Gram negative bacteria.    To facilitate the analysis of cloned bacterial genes requires special genetic and molecular tools. I have been involved with the improvement of gene replacement systems to facilitate allelic replacement in Pseudomonas and other Gram negative bacteria.  Also, I have been involved with construction of genetic systems that allow single copy insertion into the bacterial chromosome of novel or unique genetic features. This may mean construction of many new engineered plasmids.

I have a strong curiosity to understand the genetic mechanisms that give rise to antibiotic resistance in Gram negative bacteria, especially Pseudomonas and Burkholderia species.

I have a strong drive to be involved with training undergraduates for careers in research.   Thus I do take yearly, Microbiology undergraduates into lab to train and equipment them with skills in bacterial molecular and genetic techniques.   ​ 

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