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Patrick Brennan

University Distinguished Professor

Office: C230 Microbiology
Office Phone: 970-491-6700

Research Interests

Leprosy and Tuberculosis: In the case of leprosy, diagnosis, molecular epidemiology, drug resistance, definition of genome, proteome, cell wall of M. leprae; provision of materials and expertise; global leadership role in research. In the case of TB, cell wall biogenesis in the context of new drug discovery; leadership role in national/international organizations (e.g.US-Japan Cooperative Medical Sciences Program).


Diagnostics based on T-cell and B-cell responses involving serological, CMI, and skin test approaches; molecular epidemiology; surveys for extent of drug resistance; genomic, proteomic and cell wall analysis of Mycobacterium leprae; provision of armadillo derived M. leprae and other reagents and expertise through NIAID, NIH Contract; leadership of international leprosy research consortia and funding agencies (e.g. IDEAL; Heiser Program for Research in Leprosy and Tuberculosis).


Structure, biosynthesis, and underlying genetics of mycobacterial cell wall synthesis with a view to new drug development; new TB drug development with colleagues at CSU and in Russia; Editor of Tuberculosis and FEMSIM Immunology and Medical Microbiology.

Faculty Colleagues

With other faculty we work together as a group in the MRL (The Mycobacteria Research Laboratories), and also within the context of the RCE (The Regional Center of Excellence), and the IDSC (The Infectious Diseases Supercluster). The closest colleagues in leprosy research are Dr. Varalakshmi Vissa and Dr. John Spencer. In TB research the closest colleagues are Dr. Dean Crick, Dr. Mary Jackson and Dr. Delphi Chatterjee.

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