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Microscopy Seminars

Coordinators: Drs. Tawfik Aboellail & Christine Olver​
Wednesdays, 8:00am - 8:50am
DMC Room 101

The Wednesday Bioanalytical and Microscopy Seminar serves as a cornerstone of our Pathology Residency program. This weekly gathering is intended to bring all MIP residents (anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, lab animal medicine, and microbiology), diagnostic faculty and other interested students, clinicians, and diagnosticians together in the same room to analyze interesting and challenging diagnostic cases.  Case material includes histopathology, cytology, and other clinical data (e.g. CBC, chemistry, UA, blood gas, etc.).

Each week’s seminar is coordinated by a resident/faculty pair who are responsible for selecting three cases.  These three cases are presented to the seminar audience by residents taking the course. The resident/faculty pair guiding the seminar is responsible for further directing pertinent discussion of descriptive features, diagnostic key points, differentials and dilemmas, and interpretation.  The resident/faculty pair is also responsible for providing written and/or verbal feedback on presented cases.

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