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Mary Jackson

Associate Professor
Director, Mycobacteria Research Laboratories​

Lab Location: B426 Microbiology Building
Office: B423A Microbiology Building
Phone: (970) 491-3582

Research Interests and Accomplishments

Our research focuses on the biosynthetic pathways (enzymes and transporters) of major cell envelope components - (lipo)polysaccharides, (glyc​o)lipids, and fatty acids - playing important roles in the physiology and/or pathogenicity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other paramount mycobacterial pathogens.

Another aspect of our research concerns the development of novel anti-mycobacterial drugs and the study of the mechanisms of resistance to biocides of slow- and fast-growing mycobacteria of clinical interest.

Finally, we are also interested in neglected and emerging non-tuberculous mycobacterial pathogens, including Mycobacterium leprae (the etiological agent of leprosy) and Mycobacterium abscessus complex species, and their strategies to persist in the environment, transmit to new hosts and cause disease.​

Research Highlights

Highlights from our work include the discovery of a number of enzymes (glycosyltransferases, acyltransferases, methyltransferases, polyketide synthases) and regulators involved in the biogenesis of mycobacterial glycoconjugates and the recognition of the pivotal role played by glycosyltransferases of the polyprenyl-phosphate-sugar-dependent class in particular in the building of the major cell envelope glycolipids and (lipo)polysaccharides, phosphatidylinositol mannosides, arabinogalactan and lipoarabinomannan. Another highlight was the discovery of a lipoprotein transporter (LppX) involved in the translocation of virulence-associated lipids (the phthiocerol dimycocerosates) to the cell surface of M. tuberculosis and the first demonstration that the translocation of complex lipids in mycobacteria involved mechanisms similar to those used by Gram-negative bacteria to export lipoproteins to the outer membrane.

In recent years, we elucidated how two former anti-TB drugs known as Isoxyl and Thiacetazone exert their bactericidal activity against M. tuberculosis and identified MmpL3 as an integral membrane transporter required for the export of hallmark entities of the cell envelope of all mycobacteria: the mycolic acids. The transport activity of MmpL3 is inhibited by several classes of anti-TB inhibitors currently under development.

Our recent studies on the environmental persistence of M. leprae led to the discovery that the leprosy bacillus may be kept viable and virulent for extended periods of time (> 8 months) outside a mammalian host, inside free-living amoebae.​

The Lab 

Undergraduate Students

  • Madison Nesiba
  • Tatyana A. Lyakhova

Graduate Students

  • Winona Burgess (combined DVM residency/MS program)
  • Crystal Elenbaas (PhD program)
  • David Markman (MS program)

Post-doctoral Fellows

  •  Zuzana Palceková

Research Scientists

  • Anna Grzegorzewicz
  • Shiva kumar Angala
  • Juan Manuel Belardinelli
  • Wei Li

Research Associates

  • Vicki Jones  (Lab Manager)
  • Vinicius Calado Nogueira de Moura

Publications (2007-2016)

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