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John Belisle


Office: D111 Research Innovation Center
Office Phone: 970-491-5384

Research Interests

Bacterial Genetics and Physiology

There are two primary foci of our laboratory group: The provision of reagents and collaborations with other researchers through the Tubculosis Re​search Materials and Vaccine Testing Contract (NO1-AI-75320) and the study of mycobacterial physiology and genetics.

The recent completion of the genome sequences of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium avium provides a unique opportunity to study the proteomes of these organisms using high throughput methodologies, such as 2-D PAGE and LC-MS-MS. We are currently using such approaches to address several aspects of the M. tuberculosis proteome: (1) study the glycoproteins of M. tuberculosis and define the implications of post-translational modifications on immunogenicity and bacterial physiology; (2) elucidate the molecular mechanism of growth regulation and glycolipid biosynthesis in Mycobacterium spp.; and (3) define and characterize proteins of M. tuberculosis that are primary targets of the host immune response and involved in pathogenesis. The overall goal of this work is to provide a better understanding of the physiology of Mycobacterium spp., and to apply this knowledge to the development of improved diagnostics, vaccines and anti-mycobacterial drugs.

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