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Graduate Seminars

Presentation Schedule Spring 2014

Coordinator: Dr. Sandra Quackenbush, 491-3545,
Tuesdays, 12:00pm - 12:50pm
Location: Pathology Room 103 and simulcast to Foothills Campus RIC D100 (except where noted)

Date​ ​Speaker
Seminars highlighted in blue will be held at Foothills Campus in RIC D100​ ​
Jan 21 Emily Blizzard
​Jan 28 Dan Reagan

Aimee Ortega
​Feb 4 Nathan Grubaugh, PhD program: " Under Pressure: Experimental Evolution of West Nile Virus in Mosquitoes and Birds"

Jen Higgins Graduate Seminar: "Moose, Mongolia, and Marine Animals: An Emerging Picture of Brucella Infection"
RIC D100 (Simulcast in Path 103)
​Feb 11 Farah Vera Maloof

Ashlynne Goodloe
RIC D100 (Simulcast in Path 103)
​Feb 18 Abhi Prasad: "Profiling the Anti-Viral Small RNA Response in Mosquitoes to Arbovirus Infection"
Final Seminar
RIC D100 (Simulcast in Path 103)  
​Feb 25 ​Dana Hill

Phillida Charley
​Mar 4 Alan Elder

Vienna Brown
(Simulcast moved to A115 RBL)                                                                 
​Mar 11 Charlie Hoxmeier
Final Seminar
​Mar 25 Stephanie Moon
Final Seminar
​Apr 1 Kassi Willingham

Sheridan Potter
Apr 8 Heather Bender​

Erin Borland
(Simulcast moved to A115 RBL)
​Apr 15 Brendan Podell
Final Seminar
​Apr 22 Danielle Adney

Selene Garcia Luna
RIC D100 (Simulcast in Path 103)
Apr 29 Kate Rhodes

Jonathan LeCureux
RIC D100 (Simulcast in Path 103)
May 6 Ryan Curtis
Final Seminar
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