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Department Administration

Gregg Dean

Department Head
Phone: (970) 491-6144
Office: 110 Pathology

Becky Trentlage

Department Business Officer
Phone: (970) 491-0986
Office: 108 Pathology​/B116D Microbiology/125 Infectious Disease Annex

Erica Suchman

Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Education
Phone: (970) 491-6521
Office: 127 Microbiology​

Kristy Pabilonia

Associate Department Head for DVM and Clinical Service
Phone: (970) 297-4109
Office: 306 Diagnostic Medicine Center​

Mark Zabel

Associate Department Head for Graduate Education

Phone: (970) 491-1455
Office: 227 Pathology

John Belisle

​Associate Department Head for Research
Phone: (970) 491-5384
Office: D111 Research Innovation Center 

​Department Administrative Staff

Barb Andre


Office Phone: (970) 491-4245
Office: D400 Research Innovation Center/111A Pathology

Tach Costello

Research Support Technician - Foothills Campus
Office Phone: (970) 491-8306
Office: 101G Arthropod-borne and Infectious Diseases Laboratory​

James Frantz

Research Coordinator
Office Phone: (970) 491-3208
Office: B109 Microbiology​​​

Cathy Griffin

Financial and Research Project Manager
Office Phone: (970) 491-7728
Office: 110C Pathology​​​

Collette DeWitt

Academic Support Coordinator
MS-B Professional Masters Program

Office Phone: (970) 491-3464
Office: B128 Microbiology​

Executive Assistant to the Department Head
Office Phone: (970) 491-7861
Office: 110 Pathology​​​​​​

Jennifer Kahrs

Facilities Coordinator
Office Phone: (970) 491-2041
Office: 111A Pathology​​

Academic Success Coordinator
Undergraduate Program
Office Phone: (970) 491-7510
Office: 255 Lake Street Parking Garage (CVMBS Advising Center) 

Human Resources Assistant

Office Phone: (970) 491-5095
Office: B116B Microbiology

Corrine Lindstadt

Financial and Data Analyst
Office Phone: (970) 491-6531
Office: B116E Microbiology​

Web and Technology Development Coordinator

Office Phone: (970) 491-3510
Office: B116 Microbiology

Lisa McCann

Academic Programs Coordinator
Undergraduate Program
Office Phone: (970) 491-6118
Microbiology Office: B103 Microbiology​

CVMBS Student Success Center Office: 225 Lake Street Parking Garage
Fall 2016 Semester - Tuesdays & Fridays at CVMBS Student Success Center

Bev Meyer

Human Resources Manager - MIP
Office Phone: (970) 491-4178
Office: B116B Microbiology​​​​

Audrey Oberlin

Financial and Research Project Manager - Foothills Campus
Office Phone: (970) 491-8526
Office: 125 Infectious Disease Annex​​​

Research Coordinator
Office Phone: (970) 491-8836
Office: 110 Pathology/104 Infectious Disease Annex​​​/B116E Microbiology


Academic Support Coordinator
Graduate Studies

Office Phone: (970) 491-1630
Office: B128 Microbiology​

Edit Szalai

Program Development Manager
Main Campus Office Phone: (970) 491-7311
Foothills Campus Office Phone: (970) 491-6994
Office: 125 Infectious Disease Annex​/111A Pathology​

Ida Tieman

Department Administrative Assistant
Office Phone: (970) 491-3228
Office: 110 Pathology​

Donna Willard

Financial and Research Project Assistant Manager - Foothills Campus
Office Phone: (970) 491-4142
Office: 125 Infectious Disease Annex​​​​

Student Coordinator for Business Office Support
Office Phone: (970) 491-6136
Office: B116 Microbiology ​​​​

Student Coordinator for Business Office Support
Department Courier
Office Phone: (970) 491-6136
Office: B116 Microbiology 


Student Coordinator for Business Office Support
Office Phone: (970) 491-6136
Office: B116 Microbiology ​​​​​

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