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​The Irradiation Laboratory provides irradiation services to both on-campus and off-campus clients, principally for biomedical research.

"The irradiators we have are unique and offer a service that would be difficult at best for anyone to establish today."
                    -Dr. F. Andrew Ray


Irradiation Services Laboratory


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Dr. F. Andrew Ray


Chrissy Fallgren

Justin Bell

Rio Marcinko

Nadia Sampaio

Fax #: 970-491-0623

The specific purpose of the Irradiation Laboratory is to provide accurate, convenient and reliable access to ionizing radiation to CSU and off-campus investigators. Irradiations include molecular compounds, cell cultures, animal and human cells, bacteria and whole and partial body irradiation for small-animal studies.​

"Irradiators are expensive, burdensome, and have a lot of safety and security regulations.  It's nice for our users to have access to our services without having to deal with the expense or bureaucracy." -Dr. Andrew Ray, Director of Irradiation Services 

The laboratory's irradiators are found in several locations in the Molecular and Radiological Biosciences (MRB) building and can be configured to support a diverse range of research applications and goals. Equipment currently available includes five cesium irradiators, one cobalt irradiator, and an X-ray machine.

The cesium irradiation source and users of the source are monitored by the University's Environmental Health Services office for safety and conformity to regulations regarding the use of radioactive materials.

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Contact Us:
​1681 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1681

(970) 491-7038

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