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Susan Bailey's Laboratory at Colorado State University

 ERHS graduate students learn from faculty celebrated for their unity of vision and for their dedication to the values and culture of CSU.

Graduate Studies

ERHS offers a wide spectrum of graduate opportunities in cancer biology and oncology; occupational and environmental health (i.e., industrial hygiene, ergonomics); health physics, radiation sciences (i.e., radiobiology, radioecology, radiochemistry) epidemiology and toxicology. This combination of studies makes the department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences unique throughout the United States.

Researcher with microscope

Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants if disease in human and animal populations.

Ergonomics student assisting office worker

Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands, indoors and outdoors, to the capabilities of the working population.

health physics instruments

​CSU’s Health Physics M.S. program is one of only five in the U.S. to receive full, unconditional accreditation from ABET/Applied Sciences Accreditation Commission.

Industrial Hygiene focuses on biological, chemical, physical, ergonomic and psychosocial stressors in the workplace.

Study and characterize the molecular & physiological changes induced by the tumor microenvironments to discover new radiological treatments.

The study of issues in environmental toxicology that may affect human and animal health


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