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Department of Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences

The Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences is home to one of the largest environmental health programs in the nation, and the only one that incorporates radiological health into its core curriculum. Students and researchers in environmental health investigate how natural and built environments affect human and animal health and seek solutions to minimize negative health consequences of environmental and workplace exposures. Radiological health has a long tradition at CSU focused on the biological effects of radiation, including laboratory studies of the damaging effects of radiation, and clinical uses of radiation in diagnostic imaging and cancer therapy.

  • rice bran, elizabeth ryan
    Toxicologist Elizabeth Ryan collaborates with oncologist Regina Brown on human trials with colorectal cancer survivors. They presented their research on the health benefits of rice bran and navy beans at the annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research in Washington, D.C.
  • nasa space study with twins
    Researcher Susan Bailey and her team got a big surprise studying the chromosomes of twin astronauts Scott Kelly, who spent a year in space, and his brother Mark, who spent the same year on Earth. Early findings open a new chapter in science. ​​
  • tim mowry
    Tim Mowry, a grad student in toxicology, has a big internship in Japan, with Sekisui Chemical Company’s Corporate Research Center. He’s one of just three U.S. college students bound for the Forbes Global 2000 company. ​​
  • smoke signals, jennifer peel
    Jennifer Peel studies the health effects of indoor and outdoor air pollution. She’s leading a groundbreaking study aimed at discovering the health benefits of an alternative cookstove for families in developing nations around the world.
  • sheryl magzamen, erhs
    Epidemiologist Sheryl Magzamen is studying how maternal exposure to pollutants impacts childhood health. She and collaborators landed a $1.2 million grant as part of an NIH project investigating environmental influences on childhood health.​

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