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OSHA Consultation Staff

Courtney Archibeque

Courtney Archibeque, MPH, Office Manager​​​

Courtney Archibeque has been the Accounting Office Manager with the CSU Colorado OSHA Consultation Program since 2020. She graduated from CSU in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. She then continued to graduate school at Oregon State University where she obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health with a focus in Occupational Health and Safety and Epidemiology. Archibeque has three years of experience as an accounting office manager at a school in a local Colorado district. Archibeque has experience in other areas but has always felt the draw back to Occupational Health and Safety as well as Nutrition. She is excited to be assisting the CSU On-Site OSHA Consultation Program and their mission. In her free time, she likes to create art from reused, recycled, reclaimed materials and participates in art and craft shows throughout the year. She also enjoys traveling, hiking, being in her garden and cooking delicious food. ​​​​

Bill William Brazile

Dr. Brazile is an Associate Professor, Certified Industrial Hygienist, and Certified Safety Professional in the Occupational and Environmental Health Section at Colorado State University (CSU). He is passionate about worker safety and health and has more than 20 years of experience in the environment, safety, and health (ES&H) field. Brazile provides leadership to the Colorado OSHA Consultation Program, conducts research in occupational safety and health, and teaches graduate-level ES&H courses. Before joining CSU in 2005, Brazile acquired field experience in multiple roles as an ES&H assessor and team leader; ES&H trainer and team leader; industrial hygienist; and hazardous waste site remediation oversight officer. ​

Casey Barnes

Barnes is a safety consultant with over 11 years of Safety and Health experience and has been with the Colorado State University OSHA Consultation program since 2009. Barnes is a Certified Safety Professional through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals who has received a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management with a minor in Industrial Safety from Central Michigan University, and a Master’s Degree in Occupational Safety from East Carolina University. Before working with the CSU Consultation Program, Barnes worked as a safety engineer at a large steel producer in south east Michigan, providing safety and health technical guidance and driving continual improvement of the facility’s health and safety management system. Outside of work, he enjoys biking, camping and fly fishing.​​​

Rick Cook

Rick Cook is a CSP (Certified Safety Professional) and has been with the CSU Consultation program for more than 15 years. Cook has extensive experience in construction, industrial manufacturing, agribusiness, and the oil and gas industry. Before coming to CSU, Cook worked as a construction safety consultant in the Chicago area and also has extensive experience as an industrial maintenance technician/mechanic and heavy equipment operator. Cook has technical degrees in Hydraulics and Robotics, a BS in Industrial Technology, MS in Safety Management/Risk Control and served as a representative on the CSP Board from 2006-2012.   ​

Greg Gress

Greg Gress joined the Colorado (21d) On-Site Health & Safety Consultation Program in 2001 as a Safety Consultant and is the Program Manager for the federally mandated OSHA Consultation Program administered by the Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences (ERHS) at Colorado State University. Gress graduated Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Safety Science and obtained a Master of Education in Adult Education & Training from CSU. Gress is a Certified Safety Professional through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.
Gress has over 20 years of occupational safety experience. Formerly, he spent eight years as a Safety Compliance Officer sharing that time with the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Administration and North Carolina Department of Labor before accepting a position at CSU.
Gress provides safety assistance to a variety of small businesses in Colorado as stipulated by the United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration; conducts hazard audits for general industry and construction clients; evaluates safety and health programs for general industry and construction clients; assists small business clients with understanding and complying with occupational safety and health standards and regulations; evaluates and recommends hazard control methods; and, designs, develops, and delivers a variety of general industry and construction safety and health training for employers and employees.
Gress mentors and instructs CSU Industrial Hygiene graduate students for field work experience in safety and health. He also conducts safety related guest lectures for graduate and under graduate Industrial Hygiene Students.
Gress and his family enjoy Fort Collins, CSU, and Colorado. Outside of work he enjoys hiking, biking, camping, chasing the elusive wapiti with bow and arrow, and the mountains of Colorado. Despite the distance, Gress remains very loyal to his sports teams from his roots in western Pennsylvania - the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins. ​

Bevin Luna

Bevin Luna has ten years of experience as an Industrial Hygienist and safety professional with OSHA Consultation and private consultation. During her time as a safety and health consultant, Luna provided safety and health management services to a variety of industries including manufacturing, metal fabrication, woodworking, grain elevators, grain mills, metal recycling, landscape and mulching facilities, machining shops, shooting ranges, food and beverage processing, bakeries, medical clinics, research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, construction, and more. Much effort has been placed on air monitoring, noise dosimetry, hazard communication, and safety and health management system assessments. Luna served in the United States Peace Corps as an environmental volunteer in Mali, West Africa. Luna also has five years of experience as a research coordinator with the department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences at Colorado State University. She worked extensively in the field of cook stoves research assessing indoor air quality and the health effects associated with exposures to indoor wood smoke in various locations throughout Central America including Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama.​​​

Monica Morris

Monica Morris is a Safety Professional with more than 15 years of experience. She graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Safety Management. Before working with the CSU Consultation Program, Monica worked in the renewable/bioenergy industry where she provided comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety compliance management. Outside of work, Monica enjoys an active life with her husband and two children exploring Colorado, snowboarding, biking, gardening, camping, and live music.​​​​​​

Audra Radman

Audra Radman has been a Health Consultant with the Colorado OSHA Consultation Program since 2011. Radman earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science from Eastern Kentucky University and a Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene from Colorado State University. While obtaining her undergraduate degree, Radman managed the campus-wide water treatment department for Eastern Kentucky University. Prior to joining the Consultation Program, Radman worked at the Infectious Disease Research Center at CSU, where she gained experience with health and safety issues related to bloodborne pathogens and biohazardous material. Radman is committed to protecting the health and safety of employees and has provided health and safety support to an array of small businesses. She is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) through the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and is a Certified Safety Professional through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.​​

Cody Richardson

Cody Richardson is a Safety Consultant, and the most recent addition to the CSU OSHA Consultation team. Richardson graduated from Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health. Prior to joining the team at CSU, Richardson served as an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist with Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Auburn, WA. While at Boeing, he provided comprehensive health support to multiple Manufacturing Business Units (MBU) for use in a variety of manufacturing and developmental processes. In addition to his work and education experience, Cody also offers a high-level of passion and commitment to assist Colorado small business owners in achieving a safe and healthful workplace.Richardson and his wife spend the majority of their free time rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and finding every other excuse to explore the great outdoors!​​

Layne Sargent

Layne Sargent has been a health consultant with CSU Colorado OSHA Consultation Program since 2007. Sargent graduated from Colorado State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health and a Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene in 2007. Sargent's master’s thesis research concentrated on the sampling methods used for isocyanates in the spray-on truck bed liner industry. She is well versed in assisting small business in achieving their health and safety goals through hazard identification, correction assistance and employee training. Sargent is active in helping the emerging marijuana industry attain safe and healthful workplaces through her work with Colorado Consultation and her work as the Industrial Hygiene Committee Chair for the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment’s Marijuana Industries Occupational Health & Safety Workgroup. Sargent is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) through The American Board of Industrial Hygiene.​


Stephanie Rusk, M.S.​​​

Stephanie Rusk is a health consultant with over 15 years of Safety and Health experience. She started with CSU OSHA Consultation program in 2020. Rusk received a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with minors in Biology and Psychology from Indiana University – Bloomington and a master’s degree in Industrial Management from University of Southern Indiana.

Before working with the CSU Consultation Program, Stephanie was employed with various manufacturing companies where she provided Environmental, Health and Safety technical leadership. She strongly supports employee involvement/cultural change which she’s personally seen make a tremendous impact on improving businesses’ safety records. Rusk also helped start the first Special Government Employees in the state of Indiana as part of Indiana’s Voluntary Protection Program. In addition, back in Indiana, she helped create and volunteered as president of a safety council that worked with a local university to provide basic health and safety training to contractors reducing duplicate training allowing for business to focus on site specific health and safety training requirements.

Rusk loves the state of Colorado and wanted to live here since she first visited as a child. An opportunity allowed her and her husband to move to Fort Collins, so they gladly made the commitment. She and her husband enjoy attending Ram football, volleyball, and basketball games. Her hobbies and activities include hiking, biking, gardening, summer concerts, home projects, visiting the Rocky Mountains, and volunteering at the Fort Collins Bike Co-op where she serves as a board member.​​​​

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