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OSHA Consultation Benefits

Knowledge of your workplace hazards and ways to eliminate them can only improve your own operations and the management of your firm. You will get professional advice and assistance on the correction of workplace hazards and benefit from on-site training and assistance provided by the consultant to you and your employees. The consultant can help you establish or strengthen an employee safety and health program, making safety and health activities routine considerations rather than crisis-oriented responses. In many states, employers may participate in the OSHA Consultation SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program). This program provides incentives and support to smaller, high-hazard employers to develop, implement and continuously improve effective safety and health programs at their worksite(s). The program recognizes employers who have demonstrated exemplary achievements in workplace safety and health by receiving a comprehensive safety and health consultation visit, correcting all workplace safety and health hazards, adopting and implementing effective safety and health management systems, and agreeing to request further consultative visits if major changes in working conditions or processes occur that may introduce new hazards. Employers meeting these specific program requirements may be exempt from general scheduled OSHA inspections for one year.

On-Site Consultants Will

  • Help you recognize hazards in your workplace
  • Suggest general approaches or options for solving a safety or health problem
  • Identify kinds of help available if you need further assistance
  • Provide you a written report summarizing findings
  • Assist you to develop or maintain an effective safety and health program
  • Provide training and education for you and your employees
  • Recommend you for a one-year exclusion from OSHA programmed inspections, once program criteria are met.

On-Site Consultants Will Not

  • Issue citations or propose penalties for violations of OSHA standards
  • Report possible violations to OSHA enforcement staff
  • Guarantee that your workplace will "pass" an OSHA inspection
State OSHA consultation programs generally are listed in the state government section of the telephone directory under "Department of Labor and Industry."
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