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Health Physics Society Annual Meeting 2014

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The 59th annual meeting was held in Baltimore, MD 


​Presentations and Posters

  • Low Dose Radiobiology Studies and Radiation Dose Limits: Is the Knowledge Gap Narrowing?
    Zimbrick, J.D. (Dade Moeller Lecturer)
    Colorado State University

  • Relating Radiation Dose to Effect: The Impor¬tance of Accurate Dosimetry in Assessing the Impact of Radioactivity on Non-Human Biota
    Caffrey, E., Higley, K., Ruedig, E.
    Oregon State University, Colorado State University

  • A Review of Radiation Doses at Oil Extraction Sites
    Shatila, O., Johnson, T.
    Colorado State University

  • Model-Model Intercomparison of Risk Assessment at an In Situ Recovery Uranium Mine Located in Wyoming, USA
    Ruedig, E., Borch, T., Bhattacharyya, A., Johnson, T.
    Colorado State University

  • Experiences from the Fukushima Ambassador Program – A presentation and discussion by Colorado State Uni¬versity students who visited Fukushima in 2014
    Martinez, N., Gillis, J.
    Colorado State University

  • A Brief History of Emergency Responder Dose Recommendations
    Johnson, T., Daxon, E., Ruedig, E.
    Colorado State University, Battelle San Antonio Operations

  • An Argument for Using Health Risk in Place of Dose Guidance in Operational Decision Making in Radiological Emergencies
    Daxon, E., Johnson, T., Ruedig, E.
    Battelle Memorial Institute, Colorado State University

  • Determining the Depth Profile for 90Sr Around Fukushi¬ma
    Ball, J.
    Colorado State University

  • Assessment of the Monte Carlo Code RITRACKS and Applications for Micro-Dosimetry of High Energy Heavy Ions
    Brogan, J., Plante, I., Borak, T.
    Colorado State University, NASA Johnson Space Cen¬ter; Universities Space Research Association