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Health Physics Society Annual Meeting 2013

Connect with Health Physics

The 58th annual meeting was held in Madison, WI


​Posters and Presentations


  • The Development of a Livestock Decontamination Protocol. Sprenger, P., Brandl, A., Johnson, T.

  • Areal Radiological Surveys - A Comparison of Radiation Detection Technologies. Bailey, D., Cardarelli, J., Johnson, T.

  • Perceptions of Product Irradiation in a College Population Condon, C., Johnson, T., Peel, J.

  • Aerosol Size Distribution in the Schwartzwalder Uranium Mine Liu, X., Doerges, J., Volckens, J., Johnson, T.

  • A Health Physics Student’s Experience at the AECL ZED-2 Reactor Physics Winter School
    Muelelr, B., Parson, J., Johnson, T.

  • Martinez, N.E. and T.E. Johnson, “Community involvement of the Colorado State University Health Physics Program: Ideas for boosting interest in and understanding of radiation and radiation protection,”