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Health Physics Society Annual Meeting 2012

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The 57th annual meeting was held in Sacramento, CA



​Presentations and Posters

  • Verification of Cosmic Ray Rejection on a Liquid Scintillation Counter
    Magenis, M.A. (Wade Patterson Award Winning Talk!)

  • Thresholds of Sensation and Selective Activation of Nociceptors in the Healthy Human Foot
    Scott, E. L.

  • Tritium Uncertainty Analysis for Surface Water Samples at the Savannah River Site
    Atkinson, R., Eddy, T., Kuhne, W., Jannik, T., Brandl, A.

  • The HML’s New Voxel Phantoms: Two Human Males, One Human Female, and Two Male Canines

    Kramer, G., Capello, K., Bearrs, B., Leung, K., Marti­nez, N., Strocchi, S.
  • The Radiological Health Handbook: A Brief History of a Useful Document
    Mannis, D.

  • Developing an Animal Decontamination Protocol
    Sprenger, P., McMillan, D., Gillis, J., Johnson, T.

  • Considerations for Management of Radioactively Contaminated Livestock
    McMillan, D., Johnson, T.*, Brandl, A.

  • Environmental Dose Assessment at the Maralinga Nuclear Test Site
    M. Kaspar, M. Johansen and A. Brandl