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Health Physics Society Annual Meeting 2011

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The 2011 meeting was held in Palm Beach, FL



Presentations and Posters


  • Uncertainty Analysis for Surface Water Sampling to Measure the Tritium Concentration at the Savannah River Site - Atkinson, R.

  • Involvement of Different Mechanisms in Heavy Ion and Gamma Ray Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma of Mice - Liu, X., Bedford, J., Ray, F., Genik, P., Fallgren, C., Battaglia, C., Ullrich, R., Johnson, T., Weil, M.

  • The Transfer of Cs Trhough Aquatic Trophic Levels Following Releases into Experimental Ponds - Martinez, N., Johnson, T., Hinton, T., Whicker, W., Pinder, J.

  • Occupational Radiation Exposure to Personnel in Veterinary Positron Emission Tomography - Martinez, N.E., Kraft, S.L., Ryan, S.D., Johnson, T.E.

  • Efficacy of Coffee Makers at Removing Contaminants - Nguyen, V., Johnson, T., Brattin, B., Dooley, G., Ramsdell, H.

  • Empirical Comparison of Neutron Activation Sample Analysis Methods - Gillenwalters, E., Johnson, T., Pinder, J., Kearney, P.

  • A Comparison of MCNP Modeling against Empirical Data for the Measurement of the Effectiveness of Lead Apron Shielding - Adams, D., Lee, M., George, G., Brandl, A., Johnson, T.

  • Laser Damage Thresholds of Ex-Vivo Pig and Rabbit Corneas at 2500 and 2700 nm with 8 ns Laser Pulse Duration - Guo, Y., Johnson, T.

  • Public Release Limits for Uranium Contaminate from Uranium Mining: Historical, Legal, Scientific and Practical Basis - Miaullis, A.