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Health Physics Society Annual Meeting 2010

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The 55th annual meeting was held in Salt Lake City, UT


​Posters and Presentations


  • A Comparison of the Stated Performance of Various Radon Measurement Instruments and Techniques - A. Riccardi, T.E. Johnson
  • Characterizing Biomass Accumulation Dynamics in Uranium Bioremediation by Principal Component Analysis - H. Dong, T.E. Johnson
  • Trends in Groundwater Chemistry Pre- and Post-Remediation at Irigaray and Grover In-Situ Uranium Mines - N. Roche, T.E. Johnson
  • Dosimetry and Partial Body Irradiation of Mice - C. Pedersen, F.R. Ray, T.E. Johnson
  • Determining Canine Organ Radiation Doses from PET-CT Procedures - N. Martinez, T.E. Johnson, S. Kraft, J.F. Harmon, D. Gibbons
  • Determining the Activity in a Shipping Container Using a High Purity Germanium Detector - E.D. Gillenwalters, T.M. Debey, T.E. Johnson
  • Characterizing Canine Organ Radiation Doses from CT Procedures - C. Hall, J.F. Harmon, E. Randall, T.E. Johnson
  • Intentional Poisonings with Radioactive Materials - J. Sorcic, T.E. Johnson
  • The Contribution of U-238 and Th-232 to Radiation Dose and Risk from Fly Ash Effluent of Coal Fired Power Plants - F. Beckfield, T.E. Johnson