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Health Physics Society Annual Meeting 2008

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The 53rd annual meeting was held in Pittsburgh, PA


​Posters and Presentations

  • Improving the Performance of a Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter to high Energy Heavy Ions Using   Gases with High Multiplication Factors, Lisa Manglass (presenter), T.B. Borak

  • Skyshine Radiation due to the Colorado State University Veterinary medical Center Trilogy Accelerator      (first place award winning presentation), Deidre Elder, J.F. Harmon, T.B. Borak

  • Decontamination of Medical Radioisotopes from Hard Surfaces using Peelable Polymer Based   Decontamination Agents. Amanda Draine (presenter), Ken Walter, Mike O'Neil, Gary Edgington, T.E.   Johnson

  • The Long Path of Tc-99m Production in North America, Margaret Cervera (presenter), Edward Waller, T.E.   Johnson

  • Qualitative Assay of Radionuclide Species in Fly Ash and Bottom Ash from Coal Combustion (poster) Jeff   Hibbert, Rui Zhang, T.E. Johnson

  • Water Quality Impacts of In-Situ Leach Uranium Mining (poster), Angela Coler, Howard Ramsdell,   T.E.Johnson