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Health Physics Faculty and Students in front of CSU sign

 Veterans Day 2013

Active Duty Military Students

​In honor of disabled military veterans, CSU is proud to offer disabled veterans free admission to select University events.  More information is available at this message from the Office of the President.

All U.S. veterans are eligible to wear the "Valor and Respect" stole at graduation ceremonies.

​How to Obtain In-State Tuition Waiver:

  • Print your orders sending you to school

  • Print the CSU Military Adjustment form (see link in sidebar box to the right)

  • Visit your current CO or the ROTC Commanding Officer at CSU

  • The ROTC units at CSU are located in the Military Sciences building on the southeast corner of the University Avenue/East Drive intersection. 

  • CSU does not have a Naval ROTC unit nor a Marines ROTC unit.  Please visit the following links for information on these two military units

  • Give to your CO:

    • A copy of your orders

    • Your military ID

    • A completed CSU military waiver form

  • Deliver paperwork to the CSU Registrar's office - either via US mail or hand deliver

    • The Registrar's office is located in Centennial Hall on the northeast side of the East Drive/University Avenue intersection

    • Registrar contact information:

      • Mailing address:
        1063 Campus Delivery
        Fort Collins, CO  80523-1063

      • Phone number:  970-491-4860

It is best to process the waiver immediately upon receipt of orders.

​Nearest Active Duty Bases:

  • Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO  (in the Denver area about 65 miles, one-way, from Ft. Collins)
  • F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, WY (about 45 miles, one-way, north of Ft. Collins)

Transferring Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits:

The transfer of the benefits of the Post-9/11 GI Bill to the service member's spouse and/or dependent can be accomplished by going to the U.S. Department of Defense GI Bill website while on active duty.

Access the page that allows you to transfer and distribute your benefit (by number of are entitled to 36 months in most cases...or four (4) academic years).  This will be processed in a few weeks, and you will be granted a waiver to transfer.

Prior to the academic program beginning for your dependent, you can go to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill website and the dependent to whom the benefits have been transferred fills out and submits a VA Form 22-1990E "Application for Family Member to Use Transferred Benefits".  After a few weeks you should get a letter from the VA regional office outlining the dependent's benefits.  It is best to do all of this in the early spring prior to a fall admission.

If you are planning to use this benefit for a dependent, you must remember to apply to transfer the benefit before you leave active duty.

Generally, the Bill pays for tuition, books, as well as living expenses without any subsequent military obligation.


Child Care

Colorado State University offers free childcare for student parents during specific hours.  Please visit Ram Kidz Village for more information.