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Student Testimonials

Jason Goehring


I highly considered the toxicology program at Colorado State University due to its excellent faculty and program design. This program will best prepare you for a successful scientific career in professional health programs, including medical school, veterinary school, research, forensic toxicology, and environmental toxicology. If you are looking for a degree that will separate you from the rest of the candidates, this is your program. You will be challenged, and prepared to examine and answer the biggest questions and concerns facing the field of toxicology.

Sarah Kashdan


The toxicology program provided me with the foundation to navigate through medical school. The value of the education I received is apparent because my medical courses incorporate many toxicology concepts. I am grateful to have an advantage in medical school because of my courses taken at CSU.

Carly Brown


The toxicology program at CSU not only provides insight into the many facets of the toxicology world, but also provides a close-knit support group. The unique curriculum challenges your logic and reasoning while providing real-life applications to numerous toxicological issues. The structure of this program and the supportive faculty opened up more doors and networking opportunities than I ever could have imagined. I have now landed my dream job as the Quality Assurance Chemistry Technician at New Belgium Brewing in Asheville, NC. I owe much of this success to the toxicology program and my inspirational mentors.

Gavin Whitman


Joining the Toxicology program was one of the best decisions I've ever made! It was the turning point in my journey to become a Dentist. I had been denied from dental school two years in a row, but having a Master's in Toxicology on my application was the difference that got me an acceptance letter on my third try. Now that I'm in dental school, I'm encountering material that I had during the Toxicology program and I have an advantage over many of my classmates. During the Toxicology program I became very interested in laboratory instrumentation. Not only was that class an absolute blast, but the knowledge I gained about HPLC instruments got me a job as an analyst in a pharmaceutical company's QC lab. The Toxicology program gave me access to two great career paths that I absolutely wouldn't have had otherwise.

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