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A student working in the standard analysis laboratory

 A student performs a standard sample preparation for the analysis of 3-hydroxy fatty acids (endotoxins) from agricultural dust utilizing solid phase extraction prior to GC-MS/MS analysis.

Standard Analysis


 Contact the Analytical Toxicology Laboratory

​Organic analysis, custom method development & pricing:
Dr. Greg Dooley
(970) 491-5128

The mission of the Analytical Toxicology Laboratory is to provide timely and high-quality analysis of a wide selection of trace level organics from environmental and biological sources. Analytical services are available to CSU clients as well as external organizations including academic institutions, industrial users and government agencies. Listed below are routine analyses available through the Analytical Toxicology Laboratory. We provide a high standard of expertise in analytical chemistry and toxicology in compliance with USDA, EPA, and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

In addition, we offer custom method development and validation services to provide an appropriate analysis for your specific application. Custom method development will determine suitable sample preparation and analytical procedures, while validation will determine the performance characteristics of the method such as precision, accuracy, range, linearity, specificity, ruggedness, and limit of detection/quantitation to ensure quality results.

For more information on method development, please contact Dr. Greg Dooley to schedule a consultation.

​Analysis ​Matrix ​Method
​Steroid hormones

Adipose tissue

​Herbicides ​Water
Plant tissue
Fruits and vegetables
​Endotoxin ​Dust
Plant tissue
Agricultural products
Carbohydrate assay
​Mold indicator (ergosterol) ​Dust ​GC-MS
​Bacteria indicator (muramic acid) ​Dust ​GC-ECD
​Trihalomethanes ​Drinking water ​GC-ECD
​Pesticides/organohalides ​Water
Plant tissue
Fruits, vegetables
Hops, barley
Wine, beer
​Haloacetic acids ​Water ​GC-ECD
​Nematocides ​Animal products ​LC-MS
​Flavor and aroma profiles ​Beer
​Illicit drugs


​VOCs ​Fracking fluid
Essential oils
Food products
​Hydrocarbon ​Biofuel products ​GC-MS
​Pharmaceuticals ​Wastewater effluent
​Oxidative stress indicators ​Plant tissues
Cell culture
Enzymatic assays
​Catecholamines ​Insect brain tissue ​LC-UV
​PAHs ​Air filters
Dermal wipes
​THC and metabolites ​Urine
​In-vitro metabolite analysis ​Cell culture ​LC-MS
​Antioxidants ​Wine
Food stuffs
​3-hydroxy fatty acids/FAMES ​Nutritional supplements
Fish tissue
Pet foods
​Persistent organic contaminants ​Adipose tissue ​LC-MS
​Gluten/gliaden ​Distilled spirits
Alcoholic beverages
​Protein assay
​Characterization/purity ​Synthetic polymer assembly ​LC-MS
​Saccharides/polysaccharides ​Distilled spirits
Drug formulation
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