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Japanese Foundation for Veterinary Specialist Scholarship

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The Japanese Foundation for Veterinary Specialist Scholarship (JFVSS) will meet the growing need in Japan for trained specialty veterinarians by supporting cooperative education and certification in the United States.

Veterinary Specialists in Japan

Veterinary specialists in Japan are few and far between today. Small animal veterinary clinicians must have experience and knowledge in a wide range of fields across a wide range of species. General care veterinarians in Japan are trained in fields of expertise ranging from internal medicine, surgery and oncology to dentistry, ophthalmology and orthopaedics. This education and training produces outstanding general care veterinarians who care for the total health of an animal. Scientific advances throughout veterinary medicine are leading to more advanced knowledge and treatment techniques. The concept of general veterinary care practitioners collaborating with veterinary specialists to provide complete care is becoming more common in Japan. However, veterinary training in the growing advanced specialty fields of veterinary medicine is only beginning to develop in Japan.

Highly capable Japanese veterinarians have tried to study abroad independently. Success is often hindered by lack of financial resources and access to excellent specialized residency programs. Successful Japanese specialty veterinarians also often choose to remain in the United States to pursue academic or practice careers. Cooperation with the United States to more effectively train veterinary specialists who return to Japan is viewed as a successful strategy to meet Japan’s needs.

What is the Japanese Foundation for Veterinary Specialist Scholarship (JFVSS)?

Governor Bill Ritter, Governor of the State of Colorado in 2008, launched the partnership between the State of Colorado, China and Japan. In June 2011, the JFVSS was established to develop Japanese veterinary specialists with strong ties to the United States through collaboration between Colorado State University and Japan. The Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences will provide specialized veterinary education and Japan will provide the required human resources. Through this collaboration one Japanese veterinarian will be accepted into the Colorado State University veterinary residency program annually. JFVSS will provide financial resources and support to that candidate for the duration of their graduate school and residency program.

Program Overview

  • JFVSS will support a five (5) year course of study in the United States consisting of two years for graduate school and three years for the residency program.
  • Successful candidates will complete a Master of Science (MS) degree and be qualified to take the specialist certification examination.
  • The program will begin in 2012 with one or two veterinarians going to the United States to begin their five year course of study in 2012 and then an additional veterinarian attending each year thereafter.
  • After the first student who begins their studies in 2012 becomes a specialized Diplomate, at least one veterinary specialist will return to Japan each year.
  • The veterinary specialty focus for recruiting will differ each year to provide a broad expertise for Japan over the life of the program. The specialty areas will be determined by the JFVSS council based on the number of trained veterinary specialists in each field and the demand for veterinary practices in Japan. Applications in 2012 will focus on candidates for the ACVIM Diplomate in internal medicine. Selected candidates may not change their specialization during their five year program.​
  • If for any reason a participating veterinarian is considered inadequate by Colorado State University, his or her support may be discontinued by the JFVSS council.

Admission Requirements

  • Has Japanese citizenship, a Japanese Veterinary License, and a minimum of three years of small animal clinical practice experience or the equivalent.
  • Is highly motivated to successfully complete United States specialist veterinarian certification.
  • Demonstrates strong determination to return to Japan after finishing the program and contribute to the development of Japanese veterinary practice.
  • Fulfills the TOEFL score requirement.
  • Mentally and physically healthy

Final candidate selection will be based on the above qualification requirements, selective examination, and interview by the JFVSS council.

Required Application Documents

  • Copy of official transcript and graduation certificate from the university
  • Copy of Veterinary license
  • Personal resume
  • Letter describing how you will contribute to Japanese veterinary practice after becoming a specialized Diplomate
  • Two or three Letters of Recommendation
  • TOEFL scores
  • Medical examination record

If you wish to apply, please send all required documentation to:

JFVSS (Japanese Foundation for Veterinary Specialist Scholarship)
C/O Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences
The University of Tokyo
1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-8657, Japan

Phone: +81-3-5841-5402

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