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Japanese researchers and CEM student scholars

 Researchers from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, in Japan, welcome student scholars from the Center for Environmental Medicine.

CEM International


 Our Visit to NIRS in Japan!

Chuck Yurkon

Chuck Yurkon, a CEM Student Scholar, travelled to Japan this summer to work with the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS).

National Institute of Radiological Sciences entrance in Japan

NIRS is the national Japanese institution dedicated to comprehensive scientific research for radiation and health. CEM and NIRS are collaborating on research into a new and promising cancer therapy called carbon ion therapy.

GIFU University Logo

Located in the heart of Japan, the Gifu University School of Medicine and Veterinary School are active in research exploring areas of environmental factors and human health. CSU has an active research exchange program and is working to bring Japanese students to CSU for educational exchange programs.

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