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Analytical Toxicology Laboratory Staff

Greg Dooley

Dr. Dooley is the Technical Director of the Analytical Toxicology Laboratory and supervises all the organic chemical analysis performed in the laboratory. His research involves the development of analytical methods utilizing state of the art instrumentation to measure organic molecules of current interest. With the rapid improvements in analytical technologies, we are able to greatly improve the selectivity and sensitivity of our analytical methods for trace level chemical analysis.

Brian Cranmer

Brian Cranmer has a B.S. in Biochemistry from Marietta College and a M.S. in Analytical Chemistry from Colorado State University.

Cranmer has 25+ years’ experience in environmental applications of analytical chemistry, including method development and validation, QA\QC, and GLP. In addition, he has experienced with a wide array of analytical instrumental techniques, including gas and liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometry, and mass spectrometry.

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