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Pilot Grants


 Pilot Grant Contacts


The application period is currently closed. The next request for applications(RFA) will be available early summer 2019.

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Review the 2018 RFA here.

The HICAHS Pilot Grants program funds innovative research projects that promote worker health and safety in the agriculture, forestry, or fishing industries. Extra consideration is given to projects that directly impact the HICAHS region which includes Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

This program has been highly successful, leading to the generation of federally-funded R01 grants, the development of new educational materials and intervention techniques, the training of student and junior investigators, and publication of peer-reviewed journal articles and conference presentations. The request for applications is solicited every summer with a maximum award amount of $25K.

A list of recently funded projects is below. Click here to review a list of all previous projects.

Funded Pilot Grants in the current HICAHS grant cycle


Year Investigator(s) Project Title
​2019 ​Joemy Ramsay ​Assessment of nasal swabs for measuring particulate matter in the nasal airway
​2019 ​Missy Berry ​Establishing a co-exposure model to study farmer's lung disease immunopathology
​2018 Sumali Pandey ​Global DNA methylation, DNA hydroxymethylation and transcriptomic events in murine lungs associated with inhaled Aspergillus fumigatus exposure (Awarded in 2018, funded in 2019)


Noah Fierer- PI and Co-PI-Joshua Schaeffer

​Assessment of occupational exposures to aerosolized Mycobacteria in Colorado dairy farms

​2017 Tara Nordgren ​Role of agricultural dust exposures on lung-resident mesenchymal stem/stromal cell function
​2017 Christian L'Orange​ A novel, low-cost method for assessing personal aerosol exposures in real-time​

 A list of all past recipents can be viewed here.