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Pilot Grants


 Pilot Grant Contacts


​2018 Pilot/Feasibility Request for Applications

Send a request to to receive email notifications for next year's request for applications to the HICAHS pilot grant program.

The HICAHS Pilot Grants program funds innovative research projects that promote worker health and safety in the agriculture, forestry, or fishing industries. Extra consideration is given to projects that directly impact the HICAHS region which includes Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

This program has been highly successful, leading to the generation of federally-funded R01 grants, the development of new educational materials and intervention techniques, the training of student and junior investigators, and publication of peer-reviewed journal articles and conference presentations. The request for applications is solicited every summer with a maximum award amount of $25K.

Funded Pilot Grants


Year Investigator(s) Project Title
​2018 ​Noah Fierer- PI and Co-PI-Joshua Schaeffer ​Assessment of occupational exposures to aerosolized Mycobacteria in Colorado dairy farms
​2017 ​Tara Nordgren ​Role of agricultural dust exposures on lung-resident mesenchymal stem/stromal cell function
​2017 Christian L'Orange​ A novel, low-cost method for assessing personal aerosol exposures in real-time​
​2017 ​Ryan Gan Characterizing smoke exposure and lung function in wildland firefighters
​2016 ​Anita Pena Occupational Health and Safety of U.S. Farmworkers in the High Plains and Beyond
​2016 ​Kimberly Anderson ​The application of a novel sensor for spatially and temporally resolved monitoring
2016​​ ​Jairo E. Palomares Velosa ​Socio-ecological model for exposure to zoonotic diseases among dairy farm workers
​2015 Mark Guiberson ​Digital Graphic Novella: Hearing Health for Spanish-speaking Agricultural Workers
​2014 Craig McConnel E. coli O157 Shedding and Antimicrobial Susceptibility on Colorado Dairies
Grant Proposal
​2014 Scott Noblitt ​Confirming the presence of cyanate in particulate matter from biomass burning
Grant Proposal
​2014 Bledar Bisha ​Modified Bioaerosol Sampling for Presence of Viruses in Agricultural Environments
Grant Proposal
​2014 Greg Dooley and Rena Saito (joint proposal with two components) ​Identification of novel pro-inflammatory smalls molecules in poultry dust
Grant Proposal by Dooley
Grant Proposal by Saito
The two components of this proposal were separately funded by through HICAHS Director's Discretionary Funds* and by the Southwest Center.
2013 Thia Walker and
Delphine Farmer (joint proposal with two components)
Improving pesticide tank clean-out
Grant Proposal by Walker
Grant Proposal by Farmer
Final Report
2012 Amy Warner and
Meredith Towle
Acute Pesticide Poisoning Experiences of Certified Applicators in Colorado
2012 Meghan Mensack and Charles Henry In vitro microsystem for determining acute pesticide toxicity
2012 Margaret Davidson and Lawrence Goodridge Bioaerosol Monitoring: preventing the spread of infectious diseases among farmers
Grant Proposal
2011 Cheryl Beseler Readiness to address water quality and quantity in Yuma County,Colorado
2010 Michael Pate Reducing Injuries Associated with Confined Spaces in Agriculture
Grant Proposal

• 2013 HICAHS Board Meeting Presentation:
Agricultural Confined Space Hazard Perceptions of Utah Farm Owner Operators

ASABE Paper 1110937: Farm Owner/Operators’ Perceptions of Risk Associated with Confined Spaces in Agriculture

ASABE Paper: Estimating the Effect of Selected Predictors on Agricultural Confined-Space Hazard Perceptions of Utah Farm Owner/Operators

ASABE Paper: Utah Farm Owner/Operators’ Safety Practices and Risk Awareness Regarding Confined Space Work in Agriculture
2010 Noa Roman-Muniz and Claudia Arrieta Use of Pesticides and Other Chemicals on Colorado Dairy Farms
2010 William Hanneman Herbicide Induced Reproductive Dysfunction
2010 Paul Gunderson Feasibility of Analyses of Non-therapeutic Antimicrobial Agent Fate within Northern High Plains Calcareous Soil Zones and Implications for Agricultural Worker Health
2009 Louise Quijano Seasonal and Migrant Farmworker Stress: Mental and Physical Health Implications
2009 David Douphrate Direct Measurement of Physical Risk Factors of Awkward Posture and Repetition Involving the Upper Extremity among Large Herd Dairy Parlor Workers
2009 Chandran Achutan Occupational Exposures to Fine Particulate Matter at an Animal Feeding Operation
2008 Jill Poole Inflammatory relationship of gram positive & negative bacteria in occupational & agricultural environments
2008 Andrew Merryweather Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries Among Tractor Operators
2008 Lawrence Goodridge Evaluating the Presence of CTX-M ESBLs in Colorado Dairy Workers
2008 Rena Saito Chemical analyses of bacterial composition and potency in agriculture
2005 Lori Cragin Diaminochlorotriazine (DACT) as a Urinary Biomarker of Atrazine Exposure in Humans
2005 William Hanneman Exposure Injury Analysis: The effects of Atrazine on Luteinizing Hormone
2005 Juhua Liu High Speed Tractor Safety and Impact on Applicable ROPS
2005 Keri Nakatsu Validation of a Predictive Model for West Nile Virus Using Weather and Climate Data
2004 Lawrence Goodridge A Method to Reduce E. coli Shedding in Cattle
2004 John Rosecrance Prevention of Injuries and Illnesses among Agricultural Workers
2002 Juhua Liu Site-Specific Management of Tractor Safety & Engineering Control Strategies Based on Tractor Stability
2002 Marvin Tillery A Feasibility Study of the Determination of Large Aerosol Particle Size by Elutriation

*Every year HICAHS Director Stephen Reynolds chooses to fund a project out of discretionary funds. These projects may be structured differently than typical pilot proposals. ​

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