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HICAHS Evaluation


 Evaluation Contacts


The Evaluation Program is an internal HICAHS program that evaluates HICAHS' success in achieving its objectives. HICAHS is committed to improving worker safety and health and receives feedback on the impact of its programs and projects through the Evaluation Program.

The Evaluation Program takes into account the recommendations of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), the National Academy of Sciences and the National Occupational Research Agenda and builds upon past experience and current evaluation literature. The design is comprised of multiple innovative evaluation approaches, appropriate to each project's stage of development, and has placed special emphasis on techniques to track, measure, provide feedback to the principal investigators and document the collaborative and synergistic relationships between the Center and its regional, national, and international stakeholders.

This systems-based approach incorporates the provision of continuous and timely stakeholder feedback to individual projects and HICAHS goals. Systematic, continuous data collection occurs throughout the course of all proposed projects and will be used to guide program improvements, reducing barriers to successful implementation.

The Evaluation Program also accelerates Research-to-Practice (r2p) of HICAHS projects by identifying successful methods for translating, disseminating, implementing and diffusing research. 

Specific Aims

Aim 1: Use a novel logic model to evaluate the quality, effectiveness, and impact of the HICAHS Agricultural Center over the next five years.

Aim 2: Collect evaluation data from research participants, advisory board members, and constituents to provide feedback and assess regional needs.

Aim 3: Provide feedback and guidance to each HICAHS project and program, based upon evaluation metrics related to specific aims, outputs, outcomes, potential long-term goals, and impacts.

Aim 4: Evaluate and document Center-wide collaborations with multiple entities, including NIOSH and other NIOSH Agricultural Centers, as well as partnerships to accomplish Center goals.

Agricultural Center Evaluation (ACE) Project

From 2004 to 2010, HICAHS led an effort to evaluate all 10 Agricultural Safety and Health Centers across the country. At least one representative from each Ag Center participated in the collection of data for the annual "ACE report."

This was not the first time that all the Ag Centers had collaborated to jointly evaluate their centers. The first Ag Center workshop to discuss evaluation was held in 1997. A previous program called "Multisite Evaluation" was enacted from 1999-2001, resulting in the first Ag Center Evaluation report in 2000. In addition, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has conducted its own reviews beginning with the Kennedy Report in 1995, a National Academies of Science Review in 2006, and an Independent Program Review in 2012. The goal of each of these reviews is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Ag Centers in reducing injuries and fatalities in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries.

Read the archived ACE reports below.