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Emerging Issues


 Emerging Issues Contacts


The application period is currently closed. A request for applications (RFA) for the next project period (approximately November 2019 - August 2020) will be available in late summer 2019.


Emerging issues are defined as health risks that are new or have rapidly expanding impact in the immediate or near future. The Emerging Issues program is designed to provide a structure to identify issues of high priority for regional producers and the flexibility for HICAHS to respond rapidly. All funds for emerging issues will be used to address priorities identified by HICAHS constituents including producers, Extension Agents, the HICAHS External Advisory Board, and other Agricultural and Forestry partners in the High Plains Intermountain Region. Projects and use of funds may vary depending on the need and availability.

Recent past examples of Emerging Issues include: rapid response to developing and communicating information on appropriate PPE and work practices for bird flu, Ebola virus in the High Plains Intermountain region and nationally, Assessing Worker Perceptions of Health and Safety Risk in Beetle-Killed Forests, and Development of Dairy Stockmanship Vignettes for Mobile Employee Training Tool, Total Worker Health approaches for agricultural businesses, and Developing approaches to evaluate economic aspects (cost-benefit) and impacts of our programs. Click here to review a list of all previously funded projects.

Funded Emerging Issues for Current Cycle





​2019 ​Sheryl Magzamen ​CO-CSU ​Study of Mixtures and Periurban Respiratory Outcomes (SEMIPRO)
​2019 ​Pat Sample ​CO-CSU ​Understanding Sources of Farmer Stress and Stress Reduction Resources
​2019 ​Cynthia Walker ​CO-CSU ​Train the Trainer: Building Capacity for Respiratory Protection in Rural CO and UT
2019 ​Tommy Rock ​UT-UU Potential Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Exposures in Native American Communities along the Missouri River
​2019 ​Miranda Zamora ​WY-UW Feasibility of Heat Acclimation by Wildland Firefighters


John Volckens


Wildfire Respirator Information Project


Colorado (English)
Colorado (Spanish)

General​ - not state-specific


​Joshua Schaeffer


​Human Bronchial Epithelial Dust Exposure Study


​Trevor Durbin


​Assessing Worker Perceptions of Health and Safety Risk in Beetle-Killed Forests [Publication]


​Robert Hagevoort


Dairy Stockman Vignettes


​Joshua Schaeffer


Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Bacteria found in H2O on CO Dairies


​Anita Pena


​Occupational Health and Safety of U.S. Farmers in the High Plains and Beyond. [Publication]