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Community-Initiated Grants


 Community-Initiated Grants Contacts


As part of the HICAHS Outreach Program, funds are provided to agricultural and forestry organizations to augment their existing health and safety programs. In addition to financial support, HICAHS can provide expertise to organizations on improving or evaluating their existing health and safety materials. All funded projects must focus on improving the health or safety of agricultural, forestry, or fishing workers.

Past projects have included the training of Extension Agents on ATV safety (Montana State University Extension), creating videos on the proper use of chain saws (Montana Extension), training Hispanic workers on the importance of safety education (Colorado Livestock Association), and development of a training video on livestock and human safety (New Mexico State Extension). Funded organizations often work closely with university personnel and stakeholders to implement a project of their choice. Successful projects utilize social marketing and are attentive to cultural considerations.

Applications are being accepted from agricultural or forestry organizations with responsibility for worker safety. Contact

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